Pan-Banging Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Have you tried the cookie recipe that’s taking over the internet?? I’m talking about the pan-banging chocolate chunk cookies by Sarah Kieffer, writer of The Vanilla Bean Blog. I was hearing about them all over instagram, and the crinkly, caramely, chocolate-speckled, I-want-to-eat-that-right-now cookie photos finally got the best of me. So I decided I better give them a go to see what all this pan-banging is about!

ACS_0022So first of all, what even is pan-banging?? Well, it turns out that it’s exactly what it sounds like. While the cookies are baking, you wait until the doughy centers just start to puff up, and then lift the pan off the oven rack and drop it back down. After a few good drops the centers deflate, creating the super-chewy, caramelized ripples that you see around the perimeter of the cookies. You repeat this process every two minutes until the cookies are golden brown. Um, yeah, this recipe is a stroke of pure genius. ACS_0019So it’s time to insert a little fun fact (ahem, confession) about myself. I never follow a recipe with exactness… If I even look at a recipe at all! What can I say? It’s a blessing and a curse. But I fully committed to following this recipe to the letter, because I wanted to experience these cookies as they were meant to be experienced. Plus, the directions seemed pretty technical and specific, and I really didn’t want to mess them up.ACS_0018I’m happy to report that the cookies ended up being phenomenal; better than I even expected! It’s not often that things live up to their hype, you know? That’s why I’m here, sharing them with you, my fellow food lovers. I’m definitely used to a soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie, so this thinner, crispier version was a nice change. And something about the pan-banging process really melts the chocolate into the cookie… It’s hard to describe, but that gives you all the more reason to try them for yourselves! ACS_0023So I’m sure you can tell that I give this recipe 5 stars, 10/10, and two enthusiastic thumbs up. Look at those golden crinkles and tell me you’re not dying to try them! I’ll just go ahead and stick the link to the recipe right here for ya. Now you have something awesome to make this weekend! Just be sure to follow all the instructions–the end result is totally worth it. Happy Friday, my friends!

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