Our Love Story

One year ago today, I married my best friend for time and all eternity in the Bountiful, Utah LDS Temple. And it’s the best thing I’ve ever done!


This is Brad. I know, he’s pretty cute.

He’s also the smartest person I’ve ever met, a super hard worker, and he absolutely loves his job–which I think is pretty amazing. He’s a computer scientist, an avid drone flyer, the biggest Wendy’s lover to ever walk the earth, and a soon-to-be daddy to our baby girl (that kid’s gonna know how to code, no doubt about it)!

We both grew up in Bountiful, but we’re two years apart and went to different high schools (go Braves!) so we never knew each other. In high school, my friends and I swore we would never marry someone from Bountiful, but so far, three out of the four of us have 🙂


BHS Class of 2013

Brad's hs graduation

WXHS Class of 2010

A couple months after we graduated, my best friend Camille met this guy named Austin. They worked together at Nielsen’s Frozen Custard (seriously the most classic Bountiful love story to ever be told), which *SIDE NOTE* you need to try if you haven’t because their concretes are ahhhmazing. They fell in love and got married while I was serving an LDS mission in Eugene, Oregon for 18 months.

Camille and Austin

Austin and Camille


After their wedding, Camille sent me this picture of Austin and his friends, and told me about this guy named Brad (far right) that she thought I would like. Since I was a missionary and wasn’t thinking about boys, I kind of ignored her, haha! She mentioned him a few more times, but I never thought anything of it.


When I got home from my mission, she couldn’t wait to tell me about Brad. I learned a lot about him from her and Austin, who was one of Brad’s best friends from high school. They worked so hard trying to get us to go out, and were positive we would hit it off as soon as we met, but life got in the way and it just didn’t happen. We were both going to school and working at the time, but I was living in Provo and Brad was up in Logan–a 2-3 hour drive.

Almost a year and a half after first hearing about this Brad guy, Camille and I were sitting in traffic on our way to a Vance Joy concert. I had just told Camille that I had sworn off dating for a while, but she somehow persuaded me to go on a date with Brad (I had nowhere to run! haha). She convinced me that it wouldn’t even be like a date, that he just wanted to meet me and the four of us would be hanging out as friends (also haha). After much hesitation I agreed to this non-date and Camille gave him my number. Little did I know that Brad had needed just as much convincing to go on this non-date (he was super done with blind dates), and Camille and Austin told him that I wanted to go on this date and I just wanted to meet him. Those sneaky people.


For our first non-date we went laser tagging in matching sloths-in-space t-shirts… Just a normal ice breaker, ya know? I bought this masterpiece of a shirt the week before and told Camille about it (we just really love sloths), so she and Austin instantly ordered them… Plus one for Brad. They assured me he would love it, and we could all be cute and tacky and wear them together. I had nothing to lose, considering this was a non-date, so when Brad came to pick me up (the first time we ever met), I was wearing my oversized sloths-in-space t-shirt.  I realized he had no idea about the shirts when I saw him get out of his car wearing a nice button down. Shoot. He was even more confused when we met up with Austin and Camille and they were wearing the same shirt as me! That’s when they gave him his very own shirt and put me out of my misery haha.  He put it on right away and actually thought it was awesome, which is when I realized he was pretty awesome himself. We still laugh about this whole crazy first date situation.


I will always be grateful for Camille and Austin’s sneakiness, because it only took about five minutes with Brad for me to develop a huge crush on him. After the non-date we went out again a couple days later, and again later that week… And the rest is history! I had always been told that “when you know, you just know,” and I didn’t know what that meant until I met Brad. It wasn’t long before I knew I wanted to spend my life with him, and every day since then has just gotten better and better. I will never forget calling Camille and Austin to tell them we had decided to get married; there were lots of tears of joy and enthusiastic screaming 🙂 We just couldn’t believe they had actually been right all along! It’s a good thing they are even more stubborn than we are!



Brad proposed at the Tulip Festival in May 2016, and it was just perfect (as you can tell from our smiling faces and matching rain jackets, of course).



Dancing in the rain


And that’s the story of how best friends married best friends! It’s been an adventurous year of learning, Netflix marathons, morning sickness, tears, snuggles, and a whole lot of laughter.

camille and austin

^The beautiful people who made it all happen!

The happiest day

Best friend


Temple kiss

Cheers to one year, and many more to come!

Our engagement and wedding photos were taken by Angela Young Photography



6 thoughts on “Our Love Story

  1. I have never heard the whole story before! I love it. That is so cool that best friends married best friends. Very sweet story. I may have even teared up a little (I’m going to blame post pregnancy hormones 😉)


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