Hello there, and thanks for stopping by my little corner of the inter-web!  I’m Maddi, a breakfast enthusiast, self-taught cake maker, mama to be, and wife to my best friend.  I love rainy days, psychology, puppies of every kind, and dancing in the kitchen while I cook.  I’ve spent the majority of my life in the beautiful state of Utah and have a deep love of fresh air and mountain views.


I created Sprinkles and Such as a way to share my love of creating and cooking with you, because life is just too short to eat mediocre food I grew up spending lots of time in the kitchen with my parents, where my mom let me help with dinner and my dad taught me how to flip crepes.  I am passionate about pairing flavors and creating new recipes–some turn out great while others fail miserably, but that’s just part of the adventure 🙂

Scan_20160803 (12)

Despite all of my wonderful memories in the kitchen, food and I haven’t always gotten along.  I’ve dealt with eating disorders and a lot of anxiety about eating.  It’s taken me many years to understand what it truly means to be “healthy,” and intuitive eating has a played a big role in that.  Though it’s a work in progress, I feel like I’ve finally made peace with food and learned how to enjoy it again.  I’m not mad at veggies and I’m not afraid of cake; food is food and it all has a place in my life now.

bonneville salt flats

Life is messy, and it’s a constant journey.  We’re never going to reach a place of perfect contentment because we will always be growing, learning, changing, and experiencing new challenges and triumphs.  It’s my goal to stop worrying and focus instead on living.  I hope this is a place where you can feel inspired to not only get in the kitchen and cook, but also get out into the world and live!


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