Hello there, and thanks for stopping by my little corner of the inter-web!  I’m Maddi, a breakfast enthusiast, self-taught cake artist, and mama to a loud and sassy baby girl.  I’m located in the beautiful state of Utah and have a deep love for fresh air and mountain views.

Scan_20160803 (12)
my love for cake began back in my barney days

I grew up spending lots of time in the kitchen with my parents, where my mom made the perfect chocolate chip cookies (I’m willing to fight you on this!) and my dad taught me how to flip crepes and roll a Buche de Noel. From a young age I have been heavily involved in art, and I feel like I have finally found my favorite medium: buttercream!

my sister is still my favorite person to share the kitchen with

I initially created Sprinkles & Such as a way to share my recipes and love for creating, but as my passion for cake has grown, S&S has flourished into a local cake artistry business. It’s been an interesting journey as my goals have shifted and grown, but I am just ecstatic to be working in such a fun and challenging field, and that you lovely people are interested enough in my work to hire me!


My goal with Sprinkles & Such is to bring unique and delicious flavor pairings to life with artistic cake designs that will tie your event together. I only use quality ingredients (local flour, cream, eggs, and produce whenever possible, and always real butter) to make my cakes and other baked goods, and each of my recipes has been lovingly tried and tested for you. I believe every cake should not only be beautiful, but also moist, flavorful, and not achingly sweet. I also love a good cake filling, so I offer a variety of tasty options for you, included in the base cost of each cake. If you have any other questions about Sprinkles & Such Bakeshop, please reach out via email! I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for supporting me and allowing me to do what I’m passionate about!


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